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Originated from sewing machine technology






April 1937
The founder, Hachiro Ito, established
Fukoku Sewing Machine and
commenced the manufacture and
distribution of sewing machine parts.
October 1946
Built an office building and plant at the current
address of Sakai 5-chome, 27, Naka-ku, Nagoya,
and commenced the manufacture and sales of
sewing machines and parts.
April 1948
Fukoku Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
was established and Hachiro Ito took office as representative director.
April 1956
The plant was Japanese Industrial Standards certified in manufacturing household and industrial sewing machines.
April 1958
Commenced manufacturing automobile components.
July 1964
Established an affiliated company, Tokai Denshi Inc.
Commenced developing and manufacturing light electrical and electronic equipment.
December 1971
Established Tominaga Plant at the address, 130, Mizusato 2-chome, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya. Began manufacturing air conditioning cooling towers at the Taminaga Plant.
January 1972
Fukoku No.2 Bldg. was completed.
Established an affiliated company, Fukoku Sangyo Co., Ltd.
December 1973
Commenced an agency business of air conditioning and sanitation related equipment. Registered as a building contractor.
May 1976
Opened plant facility construction division for electrical works, plumbing, machinery and tooling installations.
September 1977
Newly constructed a canning plant at the Tominaga Plant.
December 1980
Newly constructed a machine shop at the Tominaga Plant.
February 1981
Mikio Ito took office as representative director.
July 1983
Changed the company name from Fukoku Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. to Fukoku Sogyo Co., Ltd.
October 1986
Established the Osaka office of Fukoku Sangyo Co., Ltd.
May 1988
Spun off the canning and sheet metal division of Fukoku Sangyo Co., Ltd. to establish Fukoku Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
June 1989
Established the Tenpaku Plant of Tokai Denshi Inc. Expanded the canning plant to Fukoku Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
July 1993
Merged Fukoku Sogyo, Fukoku Sangyo, Fukoku Kogyo and Fukoku Seisakusho to establish a new company, Fukoku Co., Ltd.
May 1998
Acquired the ISO9001 certification. Established the Saya Plant.
December 1998
Expanded the Tominaga Plant
July 2001
Merged Fukoku Co., Ltd. and Tokai Denshi Kogyo Inc.
to establish a new company, Fukoku Tokai Co., Ltd.
November 2002
Acquired the ISO 14001 certification.
December 2004
Expanded the Tominaga Plant
May 2005
Fukoku Tokai Head Office building was completed.
February 2007
Expanded the Saya Plant
January 2008
The office building was completed at the
Tominaga Plant. Expanded the electron plant
July 2009
Acquired Medical Device Manufacturer
license (23BZ200071).
February 2010
Accredited as a medical device manufacturer.
January 2010
Established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.
‘April 2011
Opened the Tokyo sales office
January 2011
Formed a capital alliance with
Yuan-Hsun Electric Co., Ltd of Zhuhai,
China Became an exclusive
Japanese agent of
Yuan-Hsun Electric Co., Ltd
August 2012
Established a local subsidiary in Hong Kong.
October 2012
Formed a capital alliance with
東理化電子 of Suzhou, China.
January 2014
Mikine Ito took office as
representative director.
April 2014
Established a joint corporation,
富元電子 in Zhuhai, China.
November 2016
From Nagoya city, receive a commendation from the social welfare project for donations such as donation for many years (cumulative 27 times).
October 2017
Acquired all shares of Akatsuki Giken Co., Ltd. into a subsidiary company.
April 2018
The company’s establishment 70th anniversary.