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Quality and Environmental Policies

With an eye on the global market, we step into its forefront.

In the modern societies which are being increasingly rapidly computerized, it is not too much to say that corporations that can respond quickly to the trend hold an important key to future society.
Research and development based on advanced technologies, uncompromising thorough quality control, and high-grade product lines manufactured taking advantage of quick response production control.
In order to promote Fukoku Tokai’s proud quality not only in Japan but across the world, we consider it is necessary to raise competitiveness on a global basis.That is why the international quality management systems standards, the ISO 9000 series are essential.
Since the acquisition of the ISO9001 series in 1998, we have been making a steady progress in pursuit of our world strategy.

High-quality collaboration of humans and machines.

ISO 9001

Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Metal-Cutting Division
Registration number JQA-2361
Electronics Division
(Acquired in May 1998)
Acquired by the Design Development Division.

 The ISO 9000 series have been adopted as the international standards in mainly many advanced countries and become an essential for global strategies among corporations.
What makes our ISO 9001 different from quality standards conventionally adopted in Japan is that neither are our products, their qualities nor technical matters audited but our management systems are audited in which our products are created.
 Moving forward, we are pledged to make strenuous efforts to improve, sustain and establish the system to make the next leap forward new strategy.

Environmental consciousness based on ecology.

ISO  14001

Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Metal-Cutting Division
Registration number JQA-EM2790
Electronics Division
(Acquired in November 2002)
Acquired by the Design Development Division.

 ISO14001 is the international standard in environmental management systems aimed at minimizing environmental destruction in business activities and reducing damage to the environment to the minimum.
 Regardless of harmful or beneficial effects in daily activities and business activities, Fukoku Tokai eliminates any elements that affect the environment and devotes sustained efforts to preserve our precious Earth based on our environmental action plans.
 We strongly believe that the accumulation of these efforts leads to the global environmental conservation on a broad scale.