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To improve people’s lives, we enhance our air-conditioning and water filtration technologies
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Unit Manhole DepartmentUnit manhole department

Easier to maintain by using our unique technologies and construction experience to conventional manhole unit.

Our manhole unit we have been repeatedly improving.

Manhole unit is equipment at general housings and buildings which drains waste water to a sewage purifier such as purification center’s chamber, and then which discharges the clean water into sewer. Taking advantage of our unique technologies integrated with piping work and construction experience, we have been improving for easy maintenance and easy installation. Installation on site rather than only manufacturing has been improving, which currently results in the de facto standard manhole unit.

We undertake a combined work with piping work.

We design and install sewage treatment facilities integrated with piping, pumps and so on. We customize the design from a manufacturer to suit to the circumstance on site and assemble the components manufactured by the construction machinery division on site. This is our, Fukoku Tokai’s strength based on the cooperation among departments. We provide seamless system for installation on site, test performance test, maintenance after installation and periodic inspection.

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Two major features

  • Continuing improvement for easier maintenance has developed the current de facto standard.
  • Easy to assemble.

We design, install, develop and customize manhole units for detached housings and office buildings.

Piping work

Our licensed plumbers with genuine skills offers high-level services through quality-oriented management system and safety education.

Manhole piping work

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Installation of machine and equipment/piping work

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Piping work

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