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Air-Conditioning and Sanitation Division

Enriching the future Prosperous future For Higher Technology

Air conditioning plant, water filtration system and plumbing system for enriching the future.

To improve people’s lives, we enhance our air-conditioning and water filtration technologies
and keep up our efforts to enrich the future.

The sales department, constituted by sales engineers knowledgeable about expertise, deals with and makes an optimal proposal to subcontractors considering the equipment’s performance and feature. The sales department is steadily backed by the logistic department, which manages inventory in our warehouse and ships products by the best transportation and at the best time, manipulating light commercial vehicles and crane trucks After the shipment, the service department installs the equipment. They also maintain it, test-drive it, propose the replacement and even design. The manhole unit department has established de facto standard taking advantage of their own technologies. Now other manhole unit manufacturers entrust us while we keep on our unique farther improvement. Each department takes advantage of their strength and cooperates with each other, which provides seamless support including proposal, sales, shipment, installation and maintenance of every facility. This is our, Fukoku Tokai air-conditioning and sanitation division’s strength.


General contractors


  • ・Nagoya
  • ・Public office of Aichi Prefecture
  • ・Building maintenance services
  • ・Air-conditioning system service providers

Service Department DesignInstallation

Logistics DepartmentDelivery management

Sales Departmentproviding various products

Unit Manhole

OutsourcingEntrusts its production