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Description of Business

Creating the future Creating the Future For Higher Technology

Electronic control components, large-scale sheet metals and metal-cut
products essential to your products

By continuously improving our microminiaturization technology, high accuracy and precision,
and with our functional designs, sophisticated technologies and equipments,
we meet your various wants and needs.

Design Development Division

Professionals leading electronic equipment technology
for the next generation.

Development planning requires a unique point of view.
This idea of ours leads us to keep on seeking new points of view and to sometimes
take novel ideas to meet our customers’ requests even in EMS business.
To support this, we develop and enhance various designs and technologies,
and by fusing them, we propose, develop, design and make prototypes seamlessly throughout customers’ requests.
Cooperation among our people and divisions expedites deliveries turning time into added benefit.
In the wide business fields such as in-vehicle equipment,
industrial measuring instruments and
consumer appliances, we can offer
quick and high-quality

Circuit design

Analog circuit
Various sensors, measurement, power source, analysis
Digital circuit
・CPU, LED control
Printed-circuit board
・Pattern design
Board evaluation/testing

Reliability test

Vibration test
Shock test
Thermal cycle test
Heat test

Design of fixtures and chassis

fixtures for production facilities
Inspection fixtures for mass production
Various chassis including water-proof

Software design

ECU and embedded software developed by
C, C++ and assembler
Open programing languages
for operations such as

System design

Gas inspection system
Production management system

Wired/wireless communication

Various network devices
High-frequency circuit

  • Reliability test
  • Wired/wireless communication
  • Software design
  • Circuit design
  • System design
  • Design of fixtures and chassis

The flow from order to mass production Unconventional ideas and overwhelming speed

Electronics Division

Professionals leading electronic equipment manufacturing technology for the next generation.

Due to our abundant experience and lots of achievements, our technologies have been developed. In addition our operation capability is available all day long and all year round. These strengths have enabled our flexible and advanced proposals and designs as well as high-quality and speedy productions.For automotive components, measuring equipment, medical devices and even more, we can supply circuit boards whether quantities are small or large, to cover our customers’ request, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. Also our sophisticated procurement for electronic components, prototyping of circuit boards and mounting on them develop our integrated production system, which provides real-time deliveries, and which also saves cost.

Production facility infrastructure that supports the electronics business

The bridge of technology closely connecting the Design and Development Division, and the Electronics Division

One of the important tasks for the Design and Development Division is to design circuit boards considering layouts for components to be mounted. The Electronics Division arranges the commercialization of those works taking advantage of its technical capabilities. This cooperation is closely arranged and strongly supported by highly sophisticated provision of our plant. Even in case of an earthquake, our strong plant equipped with various advanced facilities will sustain our supplying and high quality.

Our Plant Provision

Disaster Prevention Activities

The plants which well withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes. To minimize earthquake damage, and not to cause our customers logistic problems, our plant is equipped with vibration control dampers. AEDs are available not only for our employees but also the local residents.

Vibration control damper

Countermeasure for Foreign Substance

All of the plant entrances are equipped with air showers, and strict one-way traffic prevents foreign particle and dust to maintain the cleanliness of the plants.

Air shower

Initiative for static protection

An anti-static floor material is used throughout the factory to manufacture the products that are safe and reliable. In addition, the company makes sure that grounding is provided for each electrical equipment and the employees wear wrist straps, etc. to prevent the parts from being damaged by static electricity.

Facility with anti-static protection

Temperature and humidity control system

The temperature is automatically controlled from 20 to 28 ℃, and the humidity 40% or higher in our entire plants for electrostatic countermeasure.

Temperature and humidity control system

Our Provision of Clean Room

Anticipating future needs, we have 4000 sq m space reserved for and designed for clean room to respond to your further demand.

Spare clean room space

About manufacturing conditions

Liquid nitrogen supply tank

The supply of liquid nitrogen is available around-the-clock to ensure quality stability of lead-free products.

Liquid nitrogen supply tank

Electronic Parts Storage

The temperature and humidity are controlled, and first-in first-out is practiced to manage electronic parts.

Electronic parts cabinet

Production line

Our surface mounting is capable of 50mm x 50mm to large size, 03015 microchip, 0.3mm or smaller pitch, QFP, BGA, CSP, discrete circuits and mixed circuit boards. Besides, dip soldering chamber and other processes are available to seamlessly meet lots of customers’ requests, to ensure quality, to expedite delivery and to reduce cost.

Production line

Reliable quality verification system

Besides the quality verification system on the production sites, to prevent workers’ errors, we refer the operations to the records using our latest traceability with computers and QR codes.

Barcode system

Testing equipment/machining facilities

There are a number of general-purpose inspection instruments and processing machines, with which the Design and Development Division develops their own special testers, and with which the Metal-Cutting Division processes customized components to meet various requests from our customers.

In-plant facilities of the Electronics Division

Mounting line

We widely support high-density surface mounting, discrete circuit, mixed circuit boards, large size, irregular shape and multi-layer, and we flexibly meet your requests such as quantity and production schedule. Additionally we have installed lead-free reflow ovens for long to comply with lead-free solder, and we have learned optimal temperature profiles for various boards and have been supplying our products for diverse applications such as automobile

Mounting line

DIP soldering bath

Our flow soldering supports both lead-free and leaded solder. Manufacturing conditions and reliability for completed goods are carefully verified for efficient soldering. For precise soldering repeatability, mixed boards with chip components and manually inserted components are automatically soldered using fixtures such as dip pallets. We have supplied for luxury brand cars.

DIP soldering chamber

Product inspection line

With the introduction of 3D image inspection unit, we aim for precise detection and offer reliable quality not only for chip parts but also narrow-pitch QFP so that we can offer high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Product inspection line

Assembly line

Thanks to State-of-the-art dip soldering chambers, manual assemblies by skilful operators and manual soldering per our certification system, we supply various products. We manufacture, test and adjust automobile components, communication devices, oxygen analyzers and disital devices to provide seamless service for our customers.

Assembly line

In-house procurement of components/parts

Each electronics product is made using a number of electronic components/parts. We answer to the needs of customers and offer advanced order as requested by customers by taking full advantage of the network built with excellent companies from our long years of experience and offer the procurement of components/parts that utilize our in-house production management system.

Electronic components/parts storage

Quality control system

Our quality control complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Based on the technologies we have developed, at the prototype stage we evaluate its processes, FMEA, process capability and reliability to deliver only conforming products to our customers.

Quality control

Our main products

In-vehicle switches

From in-vehicle ECU to power window switch, we offer the assembly of various boards to support safety and convenient driving with high reliability.

Security system

We employ a security system for industrial equipment with a dramatically improved anti-theft performance to protect valuable industrial equipment.

In-vehicle backlight

We manufacture and supply thin, energy-saving and uniform luminance backlight assemblies for navigation displays to domestic and overseas car makers

Answering machine

This is shipped to domestic major telephone manufacturers. Lots of companies use their telephones.

Medical equipment

Our products are used by major medical equipment manufacturers. Our high-quality and highly reliable products support people’s wellness.