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Description of Business

Creating the future Creating the Future For Higher Technology

Electronic control components, large-scale sheet metals and metal-cutting products serving as the
driving force of products.

With our microminiaturization technology, high-precision and high-accuracy solutions, we are
committed to meeting our customers’ diverse needs by offering purely rational design,
sophisticated technology and engineering.

Saya PlantSaya Factory

Saya Factory capable of producing, in short delivery times, high-quality products in which the can manufacturing, plate metal working, and cutting process are integrated.
This factory can meet various needs requested by customers.

  • Heat treatment
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Design
  • Trial production
  • Mass production

Metal-Cutting Division

We supply products of micron accuracy for various applications such as automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, power plant facilities, aircraft and optical instruments. Our round-the-clock production and trial production line have shortened delivery time per our customers’ requests. Our trial production line can meet flexible small-lot productions
and can cover various processes with state-of-the-art equipment,
which has been meeting our customers’ requests.
The Metal-Cutting Division never stops challenging
higher accuracy and shorter lead time.

Automobile components, machine tools, power plant facilities, motorcycles’ customized parts, aircraft components and electronic components.

Design and revision

The company offers design and revision service for various types of parts in accordance with customer requests. We strive to create designs that can be used by the customers to manufacture products with more ease and also achieve lower cost of production.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment changes mechanical properties such as surface hardness and strength rather than shape. Suitable properties increase value.


NC turning process and combined machining process have enabled micron accuracy. We meet large quantity of several hundred thousand per month as well as small lot prototypes and special orders.

Trial production
  • Machining center
    (Composite machining)
  • BTA machine
Mass production

Mass production line

Surface treatment

We can provide surface treatments such as coating and plating per request taking advantage of our technical alliance consisting of reliable companies.


3-dimention measuring instrument allows highly accurate inspection.

technological capabilities
supported by high-performance
diverse facilities.

Machinery Division

Our Construction Machinery Division has developed
highly advanced sheet metal processing technology for long.
Besides, high performance and multi-purpose facilities support it, which leads even further developed manufacturing. Our integrated system in cooperation with the Metal-Cutting Division takes responsibility for the processes from procurement to assembly at the same plant. We keep on widely meeting general canning, ultra large canning, precise canning and more for prototype, customized specification as well as large lot production. This is why we have been developing our technology.


With our laser processing machine, we can accurately cut large material. Super clean (Argon) cutting is also available.


We have sheet steel bending process in house for canning. Our skillful craftsmen’s technique and high-performance facilities contribute to accurate bending.


Our skillful craftsmen’s technique backed by YAG laser-welding machines enable highly accurate welding. We meet order quantities from 1 to large lot, and meet various thickness from as thin as 0.2mm to thick material.

YAG laser-welding machine

Processed goods


We provide assemblies including power plant facilities, custom-made products, compact special equipment and so on undertaking processes from procurement of general and processed components to assemblies. We assemble various components.


  • Covers for blower fans
  • Power company system
  • Automobile parts
  • Vehicle parts
  • Special equipment
  • Vehicle parts
  • custom-made articles
  • Camera components,
    medical products