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Fukoku Tokai Co., Ltd. or our former business name, Fukoku Sewing Machine was established in 1937 and manufactured household and industrial sewing machines, which were patronized by our loyal customers.
With an excellent track record of precision machining technology in the sewing machine industry, we have always strived to expand and pursue further development of our business operations that reflect the needs of the times.

Since our establishment, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through our business, we have been pursuing our corporate philosophy, “Let’s contribute to society with our best quality, and let’s create today and open up tomorrow for society’s prosperity and employees’ happiness.
We have expanded and developed our business trying to meet the demands of times very much thanks to your thoughtful support.

To meet your requests and expectations, we as one with our original resolution in mind, keep on improving our technologies.
Thank you very much for your even greater support and guidance.

Fukoku Tokai Co., Ltd.
president and Chief Executive Officer
Mikine Ito