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Air-Conditioning and Sanitation Division

Enriching the future Prosperous future For Higher Technology

Air conditioning plant, water filtration plant and plumbing system for enriching the future.

With the goal of improving people’s lives, we strive to continuously enhance air-conditioning
and water filtration technology to improve people’s lifestyles.

Logistics DepartmentDistribution Group

“Flexible logistics function that meets customers’ needs.”

Strong partner of the sales department.
According to the interim storage and the inventory, we arrange optimal delivery.

We also carefully plan the recovery and the partial delivery in case of a delayed construction, in order not to bother our customers about their storage and schedule.


Logistics Department Logistics Strage

Our interim storage consistently enables timely deliveries on due date.

Sales Department

Procurement of equipment

Various pumps
Soil pipes

Requests of integrated installation

Equipment piping according to system line design

Requests of Product storage

Fans and pumps
Air-conditioning system
Various industrial products