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Air-Conditioning and Sanitation Division

Enriching the future Prosperous future For Higher Technology

Air conditioning plant, water filtration plant and plumbing system for enriching the future.

With the goal of improving people’s lives, we strive to continuously enhance air-conditioning
and water filtration technology to improve people’s lifestyles.

Sales DepartmentSales Group

New proposals for eco and energy efficiency.

Sales engineers knowledgeable about the specification and feature of each equipment are the core competence of the sales department. Based on their abundant experience and knowledge, they propose optimum system for your ecology and energy-efficient circumstance. The logistics department also backs them to meet your requests in depth.

Product line

We have a wide selection of products to support your comfort, safety and security of the buildings and the plants.
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The list of manufacturers

Cooling tower

It cools down the raised temperature of the coolant in an air-conditioning system and freezer.

Air-conditioning system

Air-conditioning system is essential for keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

Ventilation fan

It vents unpleasant odor and takes clean air. It also supply necessary air for air conditioning.

Turbo refrigerator

Cook water used for refrigeration is made here.

Water tank

It reserves water for sanitary use.


An electric water heater which extracts heat energy from the surrounding air and heats water.

Air cooling chiller

By circulating water and heat medium and by controlling their temperatures, the equipment keeps the temperatures of various types of industrial instruments, measuring instruments, food processor and laboratory instruments.


It removes unpleasant odor to admit clean air. It also releases air necessary for air-conditioner and heater.

Boiler / Vacuum water heater

It makes steam and hot water necessary for heater and hot water supply. The vacuum safely heats up water to make hot water./p>

Fire pump

This fire pump works in case fire is too big to extinguish with extinguishers.

Automatic water supply pump

It sends water to taps on each floor.

Air conditioning pump

It is a pump for circulating low-temp water or cooling water.

Product line-up

  • Energy-saving air cooling heat pump chiller
  • Energy-saving turbo freezer
  • Energy-saving, eco-friendly, next generation-type boiler
  • Cooling tower
  • Energy-saving industrial large-size air conditioner
  • Air-conditioning and sanitation pump
  • Roof fan (Roof ventilation fan)
  • Ventilator (Blower)
  • Eco Cute

A list of manufacturers

Ventilation fanSyllabary order


A list of manufacturers

Turbo refrigeratorSyllabary order


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Boiler・Vacuum hot water heaterSyllabary order


A list of manufacturers

Fire pumpSyllabary order


A list of manufacturers

Automatic water supply pumpSyllabary order