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Engineering Division

Enriching the future Prosperous future For Higher Technology

Air conditioning plant, water filtration system and plumbing system for enriching the future

To improve people’s lives, we enhance our air-conditioning and water
filtration technologies and keep up our efforts to enrich the future.

Preserve clean water, Succeed to the prosperous future.

For both earth-friendly and human friendly environment. The engineering division, through designs and constructions of water supply and sewerage systems and water treatment plants, earnestly pursue environmental conservation.
In cooperation with other depertments, we provide seamless support covering the selection of instruments and manufacturing to achieve ideal designs and to support you after sales.


Engineering Division

We seamlessly cover the entire process of large water treatment plant from design, processing steel components such as pipes to construction.

  • Equipment mounting
  • Mounting foundation
  • Coating
  • Production of steel parts (piping, etc.)
  • Electricity

Construction Machinery Division  Metal-Cutting Division

Water purification facilities Construction examples

1Grit chamber facilities

Slow stirrer (flocculator)

Adjusting stirring speed according to micro
flocs makes flocculation smooth, which
brings about easy sedimentation and filtration.

High-speed flocculation sedimentation system (Accelerator)

By feeding an agent, the substance that is difficult to settle by weight can be speedy
deposited. It can be applied to solid-liquid separation of various types of drainage.

2Chemical feeding facility

Chemical feeding facility (PAC, alminum sulfate, caustic soda)

It is used to automatically feed Flocculants (PAC, alminum sulfate)
and pH adjusting agents (caustic soda).

3Filtration pond facilities

  • Siphon tube

  • Surface washing pipe

Our unique backwashing which automatically cleans the filtration chamber
and recover filtration capability.

4Disinfection equipment

Infusion facility (sodium hypochlorite)

This sodium hypochlorite disinfection equipment consists of feeding equipment and storage tank. The feeding equipment automatically feeds sodium hypochlorite through pump into treated water.

5Sludge treatment facility

Sludge dehydrator (filter press-type)

This processor physically presses and dehydrates the flocs. A dehydrator is selected according to operational requirements such as the characteristics of sludge, flocculant and costs.

Sample work on a sewage treatment facility


It is installed in watercourses to block the flow of water.

2Sand Sedimentation Pond
Facility(Conveyer + hopper)

It removes sand and foreign substances from the wastewater flowing in. We have a wide selection corresponding to installation circumstances, purposes of use considering sand and dust to be removed, grit settlement and garbage.

3Reaction chamber

This is an aerator of extremely high energy efficiency. Micro bubble mechanism, “aeration rotor” prevents clogging providing the solution to aged deterioration and maintains long stable performance.

4Reaction tank
facilities(air diffuser)

Air diffuser generates bubbles from compressed air. It supplies oxygen to activated sludge and biological membrane attaching to contact media in a biological reaction chamber such as aeration chamber and contact aeration chamber, and then the inside the chamber is stirred.

5Sludge collector (chain and flight type)

This equipment quickly, without delay, collects and removes sludge deposited in the chamber. Improved shoe structure and revised chain shape prevent flight scrapers from falling off the rails and the sprockets.

6Sludge dehydrator(screw press-type)

This equipment dehydrates the sludge which has absorbed water in a drainage chamber and a concentration tank to obtain less water content.

Tunnel piping facilities (Fire piping work) Construction examples

Construction for emergency equipment, for example, in express highway tunnels. This is installed for fire prevention in inspection galleries using cast-iron pipes or polyethylene pipes.

Sample work on a drainage pump station


It drives the impeller of a pump, and it is equipped with a diesel engine or a gas turbine engine and other equipment such as fuel pipes, coolant pipes exhaust pipes and ducts.

2Pump facilities

We have a wide seletion of pumps including vertical and horizontal mixed-flow types, screw type, tubular type and column type corresponding to a circumstance, performance and location.

  • Screw-type Φ2400
  • Tubular-type Φ900
  • Vertical mixed flow type, φ1200

3Pump facilities(Flap valve,Φ900)

This is a backflow valve which is for a drainage to a river etc., and configured to open by water pressure and close by the weight of the valve itself and counter pressure when mounted on the end of the drainage.